Physiotherapy St. Catharines Pain Relief Clinic

Physiotherapy is a form of health care that uses physical approaches (ie. stretching, strengthening, hands-on techniques, taping, etc.), education, and modalities (ie. heat, ultrasound, etc.) to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social well-being, taking account all variations in health status.Physiotherapists use many tools both in the assessment and treatment of injured individuals. The skill of a physiotherapist lies in his/her ability to assess or examine an individual’s physical limitations, plan a suitable course of action to return this individual to his/her highest level of function, and to implement that plan using a variety of techniques that he/she has been specifically trained to provide.
This could involve a combination of activities including hands-on treatment, specific exercise instruction to address muscle imbalances and joint problems, and a wide variety of other techniques. Additionally, client education is always provided in order to assist the individual in understanding their condition and preventing it from re-occurring.Physiotherapists encourage ongoing preventative self-help techniques and provide patients with helpful information, tips and techniques to use in their home and work environment in order to decrease the likelihood of returning to the physiotherapy clinic.The physiotherapist begins an assessment with a series of questions pertaining to the reason you made the visit. This could include questions regarding the onset and severity of symptoms and the possible causes of the condition. Additionally, a thorough screening of medical history relevant to this condition is conducted before the physical examination takes place.