St. Catharines Chiropractor the Leader in Multi-Disciplinary Pain Relief

St. Catharines Pain Relief Clinic has been helping Niagara residents to resolve their pain, improve their health, and perform at their very best. What makes St. Catharines Pain Relief Clinic special is that it is one of only a few centers in the region to offer a truly functional approach to the treatment of pain. We offer a completely different approach to pain relief without drugs or surgery.  Our St. Catharines chiropractor and therapists are trained in the most modern and effective clinical techniques. We combine multiple therapies into a single treatment session to ensure that you heal as quickly as possible.

Our Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation team is dedicated to treating the cause of the issue(s) and not just chasing the symptom(s). We successfully treat headaches, neck pain, shoulder injuries, carpal tunnel, back pain, disc problems, hip and knee pain, muscle spasms, sport injuries, or other nerve and joint related issues. We always work towards a permanent correction. We are 100% committed to providing our patients with the best overall outcomes. Services offered include: chiropractic care, acupuncture, shockwave therapy, deep tissue laser therapy, massage therapy, physiotherapy, naturopathic medicine, sports injury care, and custom foot orthotics.

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